Sunday Services
  • 252 Forrest Hill Road
    Forrest Hill

Sunday Services

You can click that handy directions button for the all-knowing Google (great if you’re reading this on your smartphone!) but it’s pretty easy to find us.

Get off SH1 at Tristram Ave (about 5 minutes north of the Harbour Bridge) and turn to go up the hill (past Becroft Park on your left). Then it’s just a left at the top of the hill, and number 252 is on the left after 1.3km (if you get to the roundabout you’ve gone too far). We share a building with a few other businesses, but you can see our sign from the road.

And now a colourful note about parking


Basically, any of the blue sections are free to park in. That’s anywhere on Forrest Hill Road, and behind the Just Workout gym next door. The green space behind our building we like to keep free for families, and people who need to use the lift to get inside. The red spaces (that’s the front of the gym, and outside the shops) need to stay clear for those businesses – we want to be good neighbours!

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