Easter Weekend 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

The Easter holydays are coming!

And no, that isn’t a typo.

Whether you are off to Somewhere Else for Easter or having the staycation be sure to celebrate this wherever you are. Here’s what’s going to happen at our church…

Good Friday we are observing the Three Hours of Darkness or the Great Three Hours. That’s noon till 3pm which are the darkest hours of Jesus’ life. So, if you were there would you have gone to his crucifixion? Would you have stayed with him? The Great Three Hours give us a chance to be there for him because he has surely been there for us. The church will be dark, there will be art on the screens, and music in the background. It will be quiet. The first hour will be focussed on the crucifixion. The second hour Jesus’ suffering and death. The third hour the taking down of his body. There is no worship service other than your presence. You can come for as long or as short a time as you want. Good Friday. Noon to 3pm.

Sunday is Easter Day. We will gather to worship our Risen Lord morning and evening and celebrate the resurrection – which changed everything! There will be candles to light, our songs to sing and joy to share in. Death is defeated. Jesus is King! Also it’s the time to break out those chocolate eggs and indulge in spicy hot cross buns (the whole Easter story in baked goods!) As Jesus said, “who can fast when the bridegroom is with them?