Launching FoodTogether

Launching FoodTogether

This week we’re launching as a pick-up hub for FoodTogether!

FoodTogether is a social enterprise offering great value fresh produce that supports the local community with its profits.

You can read all about FoodTogether on their website, but it’s pretty simple…

You place an order on their website, then their buyers head to the market to bulk-buy fresh fruit and veggies to fill all the orders. It’s all then separated into each order, ready for pickup every Wednesday afternoon from a pick-up hub (which is us!).

If you’d like to order produce, make an account at, and once you have your log-in, your can go to the shop, select your produce (look for the most popular $15 fruit & veggie bag for starters!), pick your delivery option (choose ‘Shore Vineyard as a pick-up hub), and then proceed to the check-out!

Our point person for FoodTogether is Penny – so if you want more info (or if you’d like to sign up to help), you can flick her an email.


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