Well, hi there!

Well, hi there!

We know visiting a new church can be a tad unnerving, so we’ve put together this handy guide to answer any questions you might have – in the order you’re likely to ask them.

What time does church start, so what time should I set my alarm for?

We get underway at 10am, or you can come to our night service at 6pm if you want the sleep in.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in. If that’s a suit or a nice dress, go for it. If that’s a t-shirt and a pair of jeans or shorts, perfect. If that’s an Australian/South African/French/etc rugby supporters shirt… you might want to wear a jacket over it.

How do I get there? Where do I park?

If you click here, you can get directions to us, and see a map that shows you where to park. It’s 252 Forrest Hill Road, and there’ll probably be a friendly person in a bright-orange vest to help you find a parking spot. We’re actually on the level under the shops, so look for the entrance about halfway down the driveway next to the boat yard.

Look at it… sneakily hiding down the driveway…

Are kids welcome?

They sure are! At our morning service, we have a full kids program for anyone aged 2-14. We also have a room especially for babies to go with Mum or Dad (where you can still see and hear what’s happening). You’ll sign kids in when you arrive, and their program starts after we’ve done a couple of worship songs (so around 10 minutes into church). There’s even a milk bar open afterwards so they can hang out, while you grown ups have coffee and mingle. Kids are also welcome at the night service, but there’s no program for them.

Did you just say there was coffee?

That I did. And it’s good coffee too – no instant stuff here! We also have tea, and there’s usually baking. It’s free, so help yourself.

So, what happens during the service?

We’ll start with a couple of songs, then we’ll send the pre-school & primary school kids out to their program. We’ll share some notices about what’s going on in church, do a few more songs, let the older-kids go to their bible study, and then get into some teaching. We usually end with another song and some prayer and ministry. All up, it’s around 75 minutes. Feel free to be as involved as you like.

Am I going to get singled out for being new?

We want your first visit (and every visit for that matter!) to be comfortable and on your terms. If you introduce yourself to our team as a visitor, they’ll give you a block of chocolate (so there’s a good reason to say you’re new!) and we’d love to say ‘hi’ properly after church is finished.

So where do I go to for that?

There’s a big “kia ora” neon sign on the back wall of the auditorium. Some of our leaders are there after every service, so head there (there’s coffee and baking there too!). Otherwise, look for anyone with a ‘hello’ badge on and they’ll look after you.

Ultimately, we hope that in the couple of hours you’ll spend with us, you’ll see we’re a normal bunch of people who love God, and want to do our best at loving others. If you have any more queries or just want to get in touch and say ‘hi’, click here to send us a message.