marked logoLet the adventure begin! A whole church, day by day, reading a whole Gospel. I’m excited at how we at Shore Vineyards could be “marked” by this shared experience.

Today in Mark 1 I’m drawn to Jesus’ words, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel” (v15).

What does it mean to live our lives with the kingdom of God at hand?

Well, just from the frenetic events (even if it does cover a couple of years of Jesus’ life) of Mark 1, it may include prophecy fulfilled, baptism, repentance, the presence of Jesus, God’s voice being heard, temptation, the invitation of God, profound teaching, casting out demons, healing and drawing close to God. And much, much more, I’m sure.

The challenge, of course, is to practically believe that we live, in March 2016, with the same kingdom of God at hand that Jesus was talking about.

The invitation, I think, is to try and spot what God is doing and to join Him in doing it. Today.

What do you think?


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  1. Cassey

    I was really taken by Jesus’ compassion to the man with Leprosy. I love that Jesus says to him “I am willing” (verse 41).

    Sometimes I forget that Jesus actually *wants* to heal/help/love us. I find myself feeling as though He only does it out of duty rather than compassion.

    So reading that was a really cool reminder for me that Jesus has a genuine interest in being part of our individual (and collective) lives/stories.

  2. Chris Berry

    I’m keen to explore what all of that looks like today in the midst of what often seems mundane. God breaking through…

  3. MB

    Mark begins: “The beginning of the gospel …about… Jesus Christ, the son of God” so Jesus becomes the centre of the of the story, the action and the message. v15 is realised in (himself) the person of Jesus Christ, it is both past (temporal) and present (eternal). Living with the kingdom of God at hand is a matter of observing Jesus in the gospel of Mark and then becoming imitators of his life. So ‘spot’ Jesus… in the gospel, and ‘join’ Him by doing as he did (in the power of the Spirit).

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