marked logoMark 14 ends with the chilling words. “And he (Peter) broke down and wept”

In the upper room, Jesus has again described His betrayal and impending death. They symbolically celebrate this with the first eucharist.

Then for Peter the first bombshell. Peter bombastically proclaims that he will stand with Jesus whatever happens. And then Jesus tells Peter that he will deny Him three times.

Immediately off they go to pray in the garden and the hero disciples sleep though the agony of Jesus as he submits to what will come.

Later Peter, as predicted  denies Jesus in the courtyard.

I identify strongly with that slide from self confidence through failure towards being a disappointment to realising that I have failed utterly to deliver what I promised.  How can I possibly be loved.  What was Peter feeling as he cried?

Peter’s name does not appear again in Mark and we have to catch up with the story in John 21:15 where Peter is three times asked does he love Jesus and three times told to “Feed my Sheep.” Peter finds out that he is loved and has a job to do even though he feels that he is a miserable failure in his own eyes. It is good to remember that we are also loved unquestioningly and unconditionally and that we all have a job to do for Jesus and the Kingdom.

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