Mark 4

Mark 4

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“Don’t you care that we are drowning here?” I never noticed before that Mark so readily let’s us hear the critical and accusing voices of the disciples.  This is only the second time we hear them speak to Jesus and, well, it’s two out two in terms of attitude. They complain. They fear. They don’t understand. What a flippen’ relief! I, for one, am so glad they behave like normal people. I complain. I fear. I wonder if Jesus cares sometimes.  “Jesus! Don’t you care that I am swamped? I’m drowning here!” Much as it would be great to say that Jesus then wakes up and commands my stormy situation to be calm I would be lying if I said that. What tends to happen instead is that He calms me. He did that for the disciples too. I’m not saying Jesus doesn’t address the “storm” sometimes too  but I’m thinking now of people I love whose storms go on and on. It’s the climate they have to live in.  Relentless rain, wind, and high seas. They can’t change it and Jesus isn’t muzzling the sea and silencing the wind for them.  But he isn’t asleep while hogging the only cushion in the boat either.  Jesus didn’t only calm the storm he calmed the disciples too.  If you’re living on the boat in the storm-tossed seas remember that Jesus is on that boat too.  Mark is clear about that.  And that He has calmed more seas, winds, storms and disciples than you’ve had hot dinners. Listen for His voice.  And if you’ve read Mark 4 today you’ll know that God’s kingdom has come in Jesus Christ who did speak to wind and waves and they subsided (it’s important, that).  The kingdom comes in surprisingly small and secret ways, like little seeds that quietly sprout in the dark earth. God’s kingdom is being established, one that can be seen and heard if you have eyes to see and ears to hear. It comes in little things like cups of cold water offered in Jesus’ name, inclusion of outsiders, restoration of health, sanity, relationships. It comes in the presence of peace in the chaos. Who would have thought it would come like that?

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  1. Rachel Ross

    Thanks Fran. I needed this chapter today and your thoughts align with what I was thinking. Jesus, come into my boat and bring peace to me! It’s not the situations that necessarily change but His presence within us that makes all the difference.

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