Mark 5

Mark 5

marked logoThe thing I’m drawn to in Mark 5 is the sense that the closer you are to Jesus the more stuff happens.

It might not be pretty (the story of the demoniac and the pigs and the Legion and Jesus is pretty bizarre, you’ve got to admit). But stuff happens, and it ends up being OK. The demoniac is calmed and changed. The bleeding, unclean woman is restored. The dead girl comes back to life.

I have noticed that often we head away from Jesus at the very time we most need a touch from him. We stop praying, we stop reading scripture, we stop going to church, we stop fellowship, we stop giving, we stop forgiving, we stop worshipping. Maybe it’s shame, or disappointment, or unwillingness to hear what Jesus might have to say.

Mark 5, though, inspires me to press towards him all the more. And in the process, I would see that despite our pain, confusion, ill health and other needs, Jesus indeed is the answer we need.

A favourite verse from today? It would have to be from verse 41, “. . . I say to you, get up!”


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