Mark 6

Mark 6

marked logoAt the end of Chapter 5 and the excitement of the raising of Jairus’ daughter, Jesus and the Disciples head over the hills to Nazareth, the home town of Jesus.

How many of us have done that, travelled on the great OE, done mighty things seen the amazing and then come home. Nobody interested, still see the boy or girl who played in the mud. When you try to tell them how great Machu Picchu was they tell you about the latest John Key rumour.

Jesus teaches in the Synagogue as usual and as usual people were astonished until the stay-behind says “Is this not the carpenter?” bit above himself is he not? I heard the family thought he was funny in the head. This story of the roller coaster ride from the high of being celebrated by everyone to the ignominy of being the local tall poppy comes back to show us all up, again and again.

Mark describes the sending out of the Disciples and then there is the strange interlude almost like  an aside to the audience.  Mark reminisces about the consequences for John the Baptist of Jesus’ popularity. Even Herod imagines that Jesus is the returned John who was killed in a dancing, intergenerational plot twist worthy of Shortland Street.

Then we get the side story where the disciples of John stick it out and are there, at the end, for their master. Unlike some other disciples in a later chapter.

When the disciples went out two by two they proclaimed the good news, cast out demons and healed the sick. Then a few lines later they seem to have forgotten it all. Jesus feeds the multitude, Jesus walks on water, Jesus heals the sick in Gennesaret.

There is a telling line in 6:52 “for they did not understand about the loaves but their hearts were hardened.”

This is too easy to do, forget the great bits, the miracles, the answered prayers and drop back into a mundane earthly existence where we can see others doing great things.  It’s just not for us. Why should we be able to do it?  We are just ordinary.

Sorry mate you are not “just ordinary”, you have Jesus in you and He has given you a job to do.

As the wise Yoda said “Do it or do it not, there is no try”


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  1. Fran Francis

    Such a lot going on in this chapter! I noticed that even though Jesus was up in the hills in the dark, praying, He also saw the serious trouble his friends were in and how hard they were struggling against the conditions. He’s aware. He knows. That’s good.

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